General Oriental Practitioner Dheai Ilsaaid holds regular workshops on health related topics, explaining same from an oriental perspective whilst linking them back in with our western viewpoint. This helps participants widen their awareness and gain deeper knowledge.


Previous Workshops included:

Workshop on Oriental Medicine and Eastern Philosophy

This workshop helped participants discover the link between oriental medicine & eastern philosophy and western conventional medicine & the human body from every aspect, whether emotionally, functionally, structurally, etc. Participants gained and insight into how to diagnose through tongue & pulse, chakra & also through conversation. It helped participants understand themselves better, the way they think and feel and the impact their surroundings, people and different situations such as work, home, public can have on them.

Workshop on Healthy Food & Healthy Eating

This workshop was about healthy food and healthy eating habits, which Dheai linked back to the human body, its organs & systems. He explained how the food we put into our mouth affects our health and well being in general but especially the conditions we present ourselves to the clinic with

Workshops on the 7 Chakras

In these workshop Dheai explained what chakras are and focused on the shape, colour and hormones, as well as the feelings, emotional and physical conditions related to the individual chakras

Workshop on Sleep

In this workshop General Oriental Practitioner Dheai provided an insight into the topic of sleep from an oriental perspective. Dheai gave participants a deeper insight into: the definition of sleep; why we sleep; the four stages of sleep;  what happens when we sleep; what the difference is between sleeping during the day and sleeping at night time; why we dream and what happens when people use insomnia tablets.

Workshop on Hypnosis

This workshop will teach participants how to access their subconscious mind in order to enter the hypnotic state and create a state of emptiness – emptying their mind. Because regardless of what their condition, the clearer their mind the faster their healing process

Workshop on ‘The Link between Body Organs and Emotions’

In this workshop, well known General Oriental Practitioner Dheai Ilsaaid explained how every organ is linked to certain emotions. He will gave insight into how these emotions reflect on us as humans and how they affect our health in general, especially medical conditions we might suffer from. However, from an oriental perspective people don’t need to have a medical condition to be affected by emotions such as anger, sadness, worry, fear and/or happiness



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