Natural Facelift


From an Oriental point of view, how the person looks is not related to the person’s age or the ageing process in general.

Sometimes we find people in their fifties who look younger than people in their thirties.

In this case, we go back to the root to find the reason for the wrinkles, frown lines and both weakness and tension in the facial muscles.

The treatment can include some, and/or all of the following:

  • Checking the tongue and pulse to determine the cause of the facial weakness
  • Inserting acupuncture studs and/or acupuncture needles into the face.
  • Depending on the root cause it may also be necessary to use needles on the legs etc.
  • Facial manipulation/massage will be done both while the studs are in place and after their removal.
  • Exercises will be done to stretch and manipulate facial muscles.
  • The client will be advised how to continue the treatment at home by using slices of cucumber and cold milk to wipe and massage the face.
  • It is recommended that clients bring their own facecloth/hand towel when attending the treatment, they should not wear make-up when attending this treatment.

The client may notice a difference after the first session, but the major results are likely to be evident after 28 days. The client has to attend 5 treatment sessions during this 28 day period.

The results are further improved if the client does given exercises on a regular basis and follows the instructions