Dheai’s Book

This Book offers people a new Philosophy and a different way of looking at things; whether they have a medical condition from a western perspective or not:

• Takes a close look at Yin and Yang, giving various daily practical examples
• Covers every aspect of human life, including overall health and well-being
• Explores the Non-Visible Aspect of the Universe
• Shows people the meaning of Spirituality, regardless of their belief or conviction
• Helps the reader to understand the Purpose and Meaning of Life, examining questions such as: Why are we here? Why do     we die? Where do we go?
• Helps people to look at their physical body differently
• Assists the reader in dealing with their Emotions. It explains every emotion and what triggers it; and it demonstrates how     every emotion is linked to a certain body part and organ
• Looks at Karma – individual Karma as well as collective Karma
• Shows the power of the Human Mind, which contributes to a person’s medical condition, making it better or worse;     depending on the state of the person’s mind and the state of their emotional feeling
• Helps us understand the start of our Thought and the spark of our Feelings, which become part of our character, our behavior and our physical emotional     psychological make up, which makes us the way we are
• Explains how the Tongue reflects the state of our internal organs and emotions
• Takes a look at Human Replication in a physical and emotional sense
• Talks about the Soul and the Spirit

This book helps us understand ourselves. It also helps us understand the people around us, and why they are the way they are. Why do people think, act and behave the way they do? This understanding in turn helps us communicate with each other better.
Dheai llsaaid is a General Oriental Practitioner, who trained in both Eastern and Western practices, studying the human from every aspect – emotionally, physically, structurally, and functionally. He is an expert in tongue & pulse diagnosis, sports injuries acupuncture, hypnosis and NLP; he is a Kundalini Yoga instructor, Reiki Master, teacher and football  coach, etc. Dheai runs a very busy practice and has his own Private College of Acupuncture and Oriental Complimentary Medicine.


INTRODUCTION                                   Renowned Feng Shui Consultant, Nina Kati

LETTER                                                 For the Reader

CHAPTER ONE                                      Frequently Asked Questions

CHAPTER TWO                                     Yin & Yang

CHAPTER THREE                                 Daily Practical Examples of Yin & Yang

CHAPTER FOUR                                   The Non-visible Aspect of the Universe

CHAPTER FIVE                                     The Soul & Action

CHAPTER SIX                                       Emotions

CHAPTER SEVEN                                 Tongue, Emotions & Psychological Issues

CHAPTER EIGHT                                 Human Replication

CHAPTER NINE                                   Dheai’s Essentials